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Congrats to Knox Joseph!  Roadies, check them out!!
Something must be brewing because Brent’s getting all his guitars tuned up and cleaned up… #tastetherainbow #opusthepenguin

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I’d love a run down on Brent’s Les Pauls 😍

He’s opening a new Guitar Center franchise in his basement?

A fellow aristocrat

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Hey, singer-songwriter friends and lovers of singer-songwriters… this is worthy of some love!

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Thanks for sharing!

Jamison Road is pleased to announce a new promotional partnership with Midwest Artist Group.  We only have a few open dates left in 2023!

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Thanks for all the reactions and comments! Let’s just say this, save the date June 10!!

Always a great show complete with high speed car crashes and shows in the dark!

Do you have any Cincinnati concerts coming up?

Congratulations! 🎉 Awesome!

Great group of people!!! Great band!!!! Everybody should be a fan!!!❤️❤️❤️

Go see them. Great band and people. Love you guys

John Regg - sounds like a great Date Nite opportunity for ya! Go check em out!

Wonderful news.

We miss you down here in Texas ❤️

Would love to come hear you all in the Cincinnati area!

Jamison Road --Sorry I miss spelled That, Looks like Rats,😃😃😃.

I need to catch a show !

Time to create a new Fanbase right here in Northeast Ohio!


Ah, hey now!

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Thanks for the great show saturday night!

Absolutely amazing

Hey, Bobby Mackey, can’t wait to see y’all THIS SATURDAY NIGHT!!  Has it really been 4 YEARS??  What songs does everyone want to hear?

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Pour me

Going to be out of town, again. Have great time!

All of them?

Friends Like These…. Bourbon and Bibles

Sounds like fun! Wish I Could be there ❤️❤️

Jeanie's in the Bottle, Maybe Tonight, Coal Town, Girls Drinking Song🍻.....

Brenda, Put Your Bra On!! I’ll be there!!

Depends…are you bringing the double neck?!

Yall sound great on the Macky stage

Any Jamison Road originals can't wait to see you Jamison Road Welcome Back

Sorry we will miss this. Have a great evening!

We’ll be at our Daughters wedding in Puerto Rico or I would come! I can’t wait to see you guys again.

Hey Bartender.

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5 months ago

Jamison Road

New songs! ... See MoreSee Less

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No I’m in the bedroom

Very true Court!

The Phillies are playing in World Series. Eagles on TNF but this ranks. Cheers kids

All that noise next door ha ha

PR I’m positive we can dance to this one

Loving it

Loving this!

Goodnight! Love you all ❤️

Mrs Kravitz is liking this!!

Love it

Home with 2 kids 19 months and under 😂😂😂

Miss you guys so much

Mom are you apart of the live audience

What a treat!

Bourbon & bible

Love that

Walls aren’t a home right, it’s the people ♥️

Lets do this!

I wasn’t bored

Coal Town

What up ♥️

Where do I need to travel to for a live show?!

Yes yes yes

What venue is this at? Lol

Great job ! Nice song to start my morning

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This can only mean one thing.  Any guesses?  Wrong answers only.

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You guys finally playing Guitar Hero on that big screen!!

You bought a Cajon-shaped ottoman, thought it looked so totally cool that you dropped what you were doing to run out and buy more?

Your guitar racks are finally full.

This looks like lots of fun.

Guitar sleep over!!

Garage sale

Let It Rain 🎼🎸

Yard sale?

It’s 5’oclock somewhere?

2023 Jeep Jamboree planning in full swing

You’re selling your furniture

You’re choosing a guitar to send to a friend back in AR?

Crypto seminar!

Seance to communicate with Elvis and Johnny Cash?

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11 months ago

Jamison Road

Congratulations to one of the best musicians on the planet, Ed Bayers Jr., for his induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame. So deserving! Eddie is the first drummer in the Hall. He is also the only drummer on both Jamison Road studio albums and a wonderful person to boot. Enjoy your special day!With his induction on Sunday, May 1, Eddie Bayers becomes the first drummer in the Country Music Hall of Fame. A top studio drummer for more than four decades, Eddie Bayers has played on countless Nashville hit recordings.

Originally a keyboard player, he shifted to drums under the mentorship of famed drummer Larrie Londin in the 1970s. By the early 1980s, Bayers was a regular contributor to many Music Row sessions. Among the many hits he has played on are George Strait’s “The Cowboy Rides Away,” The Judds’ “Why Not Me,” and Trisha Yearwood’s “She’s in Love with the Boy.”

During his years as a key studio player, Bayers developed longstanding working relationships with many country artists, including the Judds, Kenny Chesney, and Country Music Hall of Fame members Ricky Skaggs, George Strait, and Alan Jackson. Highly respected by his country music peers, Bayers was named the ACM - Academy of Country Music’s top drummer fourteen times between 1991 and 2010. He has also anchored the Grand Ole Opry’s house band since 2003.

Learn more about Eddie Bayers’s fellow inductees and the Hall of Fame honor:…;
... See MoreSee Less

Congratulations to one of the best musicians on the planet, Ed Bayers Jr., for his induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame.  So deserving!  Eddie is the first drummer in the Hall.  He is also the only drummer on both Jamison Road studio albums and a wonderful person to boot.  Enjoy your special day!

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Awesome!! Congratulations Eddie!!

1 years ago

Jamison Road

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Florida shows scheduled for this weekend have been cancelled. We are really sorry if you had intended to be there. We love you and appreciate your understanding... ... See MoreSee Less

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Sometimes life throws changes at you (good and bad) that you don't expect!

Jamison Road and Dead & Co both canceled Florida shows. Coincidence?

We are sad to hear this!!! Hope all is okay. ❤️❤️

Thank you for the heads up. I’ll let my wife know there has been a change in plans. I hope everyone is okay.

This photo surfaced this week — a rare one with all seven of us in the pic!  Anybody miss these fellas as much as we do??  Who was there?  #whydowelooksoserious

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Is that Brian Cunningham in the middle?

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LOVING the new music!! Hope to hear you live again soon. I WILL TRAVEL! Miss you guys. Love you!!

Still love listening to you sing.


Amazing! 💕


Sounds great👏👏😍

Sounds wonderful

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Laurie’s rockin’ the console back there, too! 🎶

Great head bobs

It is too good !! I love it 😻


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And we happen to be recording - on Cinco de Mayo - our song about being in Mexico... 😆

Do u all have a duet song ? I think a cheating duet song would be hot... An maybe a follow up drinking song would awesome.

Ur song, I know now, sounds like something George Jones would sing,an I love ur song,slow it down,sounds like something Joe dee Messina would sing. Looking forward to ur new music.

Glad to know Jamison Road is writing again!

Boy, I miss you guys!

I like alot of ur songs,but my Favorite is, I know now...I just love it !!! Number 1 on the charts in my book. Please keep the music coming. I seen u all in person,an u all rock.

I like it already! Looking forward to the new music.

Love it!


Like the Beat!! 🎶


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In two short weeks, after EIGHTEEN long months apart, we three are reuniting for songwriting and recording so we can finally bring some new JR music into the world! #JamisonRoad #ItsNotOverYetBaby #BentNotBroken #safetyfirst  #ForTheLoveOfMusic #MusicalSoulmates

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Great news! Looking forward to the new music.

Looking forward too it!!

How wonderful. Can’t wait to hear your new music ❤️


Now tell me you are coming to Cincinnati for that reunion and we will get to see you??!!!

I am SO ready for this!!

Exciting news! A toast to creativity and a successful writing session. (Brent - don’t you need a new guitar for the session?)

Yay!!! The return of Jamison Road!!!

Sweet...can't wait to hear the outcome!!

Great news!


Awesome!!! Can't wait!!!

Exciting news ya’ll!

Good luck!

We are so doing this!!

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Official JR koozie on location in Texas!  

Show us where you take your JR kooziee!
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jr live shot 10