Let it Rain LYRICS

Already Gone

You can keep on talking
If you want to – I don’t care
‘Cause I can’t hear you anymore

You might as well start walking
It don’t matter if you know where
‘Cause I’m the first one out the door

Baby, you know the line’s already been drawn
Ain’t no looking back because I’m already gone
Babe, you know I’m already gone

You can keep on staring
At me with those sorry eyes
But that ain’t gonna change the past

You might as well quit swearing
That you’re done with all those lies
With you the truth don’t seem to last

You should have no doubt that I’m moving on
‘Cause you can’t do what you did
And not think that we would be done

Maybe Tonight

I didn’t say anything about forever
I didn’t do a thing to make you stay
I didn’t know I would think of you whenever

I close my eyes
I’m haunted by
The one that got away

Maybe tonight I won’t fall to pieces
Maybe tonight I won’t drink you off my mind
Maybe tonight I’ll pretend you’re here beside me
One more time, like you were mine
Maybe tonight

I never knew it would be so complicated
I never meant to fall for you this way
I never break a promise once I make it

So I’ll be true
No running to
The one that got away

I told myself I would never chase
Anyone who would ever let me go
But I’m not sure that I gave you a choice
I kept inside what I should have let you know

Bourbon and Bibles

Wealth ain’t common in these hills
But smokes and horses pay the bills
With holy spirits in our stills
We live by the word

Voters keep our counties dry
Preachers make us wonder why
Whiskey’s promise is a lie
I guess they haven’t heard

We fill the pews on Sunday
The bottles up on Monday
Round here it’s all a matter of survival
God and grain, bourbon and bibles

Double-wides and beat up cars
A church per mile, not a single bar
And Mama’s house ain’t very far
If something calls us home

Roses, Makers, and Heaven waits
For liquid gold that we make
Humming to Amazing Grace
As we watch the barrels roll

We do what’s right and fair
Even angels get a share
And we’ll keep on looking for revival


Hard to please
I could never be
What you wanted

Feeling caught
I could not stop
What you started

You’re the one who left me
But I’m the one who is set free

I’ve been to the edge and I leaned over
I been through the fire and left to smolder
I stood in the rain but I’m not soaking
I may be bent but I’m not broken
I’m not broken

Against the wall
Feeling small
Not going back there

Now’s the time
To take what’s mine
Getting my share

Been in the dark for way too long
Now I know what’s right was never wrong

I’m not broken
I’m not broken
I’m not broken
I’m not broken

Friends Like These

They know what to say when my mama don’t
And they hold me up in ways that whiskey won’t
Yes they do, oh yes they do

They listen when my eyes are full of tears
And they stand with me when I face my fears
Yes, they do, oh yes they do

They chase away the lonely, they are my family
I thank God for friends like these

They don’t kick me when I’m already down
And they don’t walk away ‘til I’m safe and sound
No, they don’t, oh no they don’t

They don’t hold me back when I take a shot
And they don’t turn off the lights when they hear me knock
No they don’t, oh no they don’t

I’m perfectly imperfect but they love me for me
Even when I am my own worst enemy
I know in this life there are no guarantees
But there’s no doubt they will stand beside of me

They chase away the lonely, they are my family
I am never lonely cause they are family
I thank God for friends like these

Let it Rain

Daylight fades and a storm rolls in
Dark clouds hanging and doubt begins
Can I weather one more day?
Can I gather the strength to say?

Let it rain, keep pouring down
I will get myself to higher ground
The cool water will ease the pain
So let it rain
Let it rain

Feels like ages without the sun
Winds are howling, I keep hanging on
Will this blow over, or blow me away?
Will I curse the sky or will I say?

Let it rain
I can’t change it anyway
The clouds won’t stay
There’s sun behind the gray
So I’m okay
I am gonna stand back and let it rain

Let it rain, keep pouring down
I’ll stay afloat, I’m not gonna drown
The cool water will calm the flames
So let it rain
Let it rain


I’ve been told Seventeen
Only comes around once
First loves, football games
Windows down in your pick up truck

Singers sing songs and poets write poems
About the best time of your life
When you hear that, keep in mind
They are not quite right

Seventeen, you’re like a young red wine
You’re gonna get a whole lot better with time
If you only wait long enough
Seventeen, you’re like a sweet first kiss
You’re thinking it’ll never get better than this
But, oh, let me tell you that it does
You’re just getting started, Seventeen

It seems to me, Seventeen
Those good times can be tough
Broken hearts, rained out games
Wrecking your pick up truck

Parents yelling back, decisions coming fast
Like you will never be free
When things get rough, keep in mind
Someday you will see

You are only gonna be seventeen once
For better or worse, you’re only seventeen once
Keep your head up, you’re only seventeen once

Better Off

You’re a habit that I can’t kick
You’re a thunderstorm that I can’t predict
You’re a bad pill when I am sick
You’re an apple that I should never pick

You’re a fever that I can’t break
You’re a bad dream that sticks with me all day
You’re a past that I can’t shake
You’re a number that I should never take

Why do I keep you around
When all you do is drag me down?

Damned if I do, damned if I don’t
Am I better off with you, or better off alone?

I’m a sailor without a ship
I’m a gambler in Vegas who can’t find the strip
I’m a handle without a grip
I’m a Hollywood actor without a script

Why am I lost when you are gone
When all you do is do me wrong?

Damned if I do, damned if I don’t
You are no good for me, but I can’t let you go

I think I’m better off alone
So why can’t I let you go?
I think I’m better off alone
Better off alone

Jeanie’s in the Bottle

Jeanie is no trophy wife
Chasing crazy all her life
Likes to smoke and drink a drink or two

Jeanie sports a neon tan
She gets bored with just one man
There’s no telling what that girl might do

Jeanie’s in the bottle tonight
She will grant your wishes, if you treat her right
But don’t rub her the wrong way unless you’re looking for a fight
Jeanie’s in the bottle tonight

Jeanie likes to play it cool
Rules the roost from her bar stool
Whiskey puts her in the mood to dance

Jeanie’s got a new tattoo
Some guy’s name she hardly knew
But she won’t stop giving fools a chance

Jeanie keeps her feelings hid
Deep in the bottle like her mama did

Go it Alone

Empty road is all I see
Gotta keep my car in gear
Nowhere to rest in front of me
And I ripped off my rear view mirror

The only thing that I know for sure
Is I’m gonna drive as far away as these four wheels can go

Last night I was next to him in bed
Now it’s only me and the late night radio
‘Cause when I heard those words he said
I knew the time had come for me to go – go it alone

He may not think that I am brave
But this took all the strength I had
It wasn’t supposed to end this way
This was never in my plan

The only thing that I know for sure
Is I had to say goodbye and now I’m out here on my own

I know I am strong enough
For what this cold dark road can give

Go it alone
Go it alone
Go it alone

Go it alone
Go it alone
Go it alone


So I Run

When I think you’ve hit the bottom
You fill your glass up to the top
You say you don’t have a problem
It’s not up to me if and when you stop

You don’t want my help is what you say
You tell me there’s no reason that I stay

So I run far away from you
And I run because it’s all that can do
I don’t know where you’re headed
But I know you’re too far gone
So I run
I run

You live your life the way you’ve chosen
Never learning from the past
You can’t even see the ocean
Or that your ship is sinking fast

You fight me when I try to pull you out
But I’m not gonna let you take me down

So I run when my feet hit solid ground
And I run ‘til I finally figure out
I don’t know where I’m headed
But I know how far I’ve come
So I run

I pray someday you will break these chains
But it won’t be me to take away your pain

Goodbye Tune

Broken heart
Broken glass
Broken down by my past

Took a chance
Numbed the pain
Learned to dance in the pouring rain

Once upon a night in June
In the light of a supermoon
Here today then gone too soon
I never got to sing my goodbye tune

Lost my way
Lost my mind
Lost the ones I left behind

I never made a plan for when I was gonna leave
But now I can’t deny that I have found my peace

Dream a dream
There I’ll be
Knowing you remember me

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