Jamison Road LYRICS

Call It Home

We are a match made in heaven
Too bad no one else sees it that way
We’ll never have any peace here
So now I know that we can’t stay

Baby let’s run
Somewhere new on our own
It don’t matter where we go
As long as I’m with you
I’ll call it home

Your mama’s never really liked me
And mine just looks the other way
Too many people get to talking
But I am done caring what they say

Home is where the heart is
Or so I have been told
So if we have each other
We have shelter from the cold

Another Day

She holds the secret to his heart
He keeps a bottle by his bed
She kept her distance from the start
He drowns the voices in his head
Everybody knows
How they just can’t let it go

So they’ll, say goodbye and walk away Live a lie again today
Make the world think they’re okay
Fall in love another day
Fall in love another day

She keeps his pictures out of sight
He can’t get past what might have been
She’ll lie awake for one more night
He wonders how to love again

She’s in another’s arms tonight
He grips a phone that’ll never ring


Grandpa worked for a nickel a day
Light on his head just pounding away
He went down, down, down
In this coaltown
Daddy he’s a miner, too
In this town it’s what you do
He goes down, down, down
In this coaltown

We grind it out ’til the whistle blows
We talk to God because nobody knows
If we’ll see daylight but we’ll be alright
In this coaltown

Boss man built a house on a hill
Looked down on us from there until
It burned down, down, down
In this coaltown
Eddie was a friend of mine
’til he crossed a picket line
Shot down, down, down
In this coaltown

A wooden nickel buys two things
A cup of coffee and a can of beans
Only good at the comp’ny store
We keep on coming back for more!

My lungs are black but there’s clothes on my back – In this coaltown
I ache in my bones but this is my home – In this coaltown

That’s Enough

You love me like there’s no tomorrow
It don’t matter that we borrowed
Every dollar that we got
You always worry you can’t give
The kind of life I wanna live
But what we got is what I want

And baby that’s enough
All I need night or day
Is knowing that I got your love
You should never doubt
That the way that I feel by your side
Is the only thing I want
And baby that’s enough

The little rock that’s on my hand
Is all you could afford to spend but
Babe, it shines enough for me
The pint-sized house on Second Street
Is all that I could ever need ‘cause
that’s the place I know you’ll be

You break your neck day in, day out
You say we never get ahead
But all I want to show you now
Is just how much we really have

I Know Now

I was the one to walk away
Not a word that you could say
To make me see that I should stay
But I know now
I thought your love was too naïve
There was no way I could conceive
A promise that you’d never leave
But I know now

I didn’t realize
You knew yourself so well
Your heart didn’t tell you lies
But mine put me through hell

I know I was scared to let you in
But I loved you from the time that this began
I know we may not be the same again
This might come a little too late
But I know now

I let it slip right though my hands
Never let you make any plans
I just didn’t understand
But I know now

I didn’t recognize
a good thing when it was mine
But now I’ve opened my eyes
Blindness had a price

Please tell me now is not too late

After You

Baby, wait a minute
would you tell me that again
I didn’t know
You think I drive you crazy
and you’re wondering if it may be
time to go

Now that you say it
You might be right

You are not the only one
Who feels the way you do
You might be surprised to know
I been feeling that way too
Don’t take this the wrong way
But to tell you the truth
I’ll be a lot less lonely
After you

So you say you notice
honey, lately when we touch
it feels so cold
Once we had a fire
and it burned a whole lot brighter
where’d it go?

Now that you say it
I think you’re right

For the first time in a long time
we finally can agree
There’s no need for you to stay
just because of me

Slow It Down

My bags are packed
I’m running late
Trying to catch a west-bound plane
I’m gonna get there but it’s down to the wire
I grab my keys
I lock the house
I’m running fast and furious
You’d think I caught my hair on fire

I gotta slow it down
Too much at once only hurts me anyhow
I gotta pace myself
Take my time
Uncomplicate my life
I gotta slow it down

Gotta big list
To do today
Never got no time to play
Even though there’s a kid who wants me to
Gotta get it done
At any cost
Run like a chicken with my head cut off
But I’m tired of barely pulling through

So now I know just what I gotta do

Way Up High

When I thought I hit the ground
Thought that I had reached my low
I look up and see your face
And baby just like that I know

That it don’t matter just how far this world can drag me down
I don’t have to worry – as long as you’re around

You pull me way up high
Like a cool drink of water when I’m feeling dry
Like a red hot fire on a cold winter’s night
Baby you pull me way up high

Some days I wanna stay in bed
I don’t wanna face the day
But then you turn it all around
With the little things you say

And suddenly I know just why I bother waking up
Cause if I stayed asleep you know I’d miss out on your love

You pull me way up high
Like a sky full of fireworks on the fourth of July
Like a song you wanna dance to on a Saturday night
Baby you pull me way up high

I don’t need to bother with no artificial high
Cause all the pleasure that I need is in your arms tonight

Shut Up And Love Me

Don’t tell me you’ll love me ‘til the end of time
Don’t tell me you’ll always forever be mine
Don’t say that without me you can’t breath
Don’t say that there’s no one for you but me

All of those things they may be true
But right now talking is not what I’m into

Shut up and love me
No words tonight
All that I want now
Is silence and moonlight
Don’t need no speeches
Just the stars up above me
Don’t give me no promises
Just shut up and love me

Don’t promise me champagne or diamonds and pearls
Don’t promise to give me all I want in this world
Don’t swear to be faithful ‘til the day that you die
Don’t swear that you’ll always be by my side

All of those things they may come true
But conversation is not what I’m into

Whatever you say I’ve already heard
Let your heart speak louder than any words

Don’t Repeat It

He can feel the warm wind blowing on his face
As he outruns the past in his pick up truck
His daddy had a reputation of screaming at the wife and kids
Then showing up on Sunday asking God to forgive

In his bed at midnight words he shouldn’t hear
Came drifting up the stairs and made a child afraid
He told himself he’d run away and erase them from his mind
He’d forget he fell asleep hearing mama cry

But if we forget the past, we might repeat it
If we deny what lies beneath, we will never defeat it
Just being raised that way, doesn’t mean it has to stay that way
So don’t forget and don’t repeat it

Never thought that he could fall in love like this
Yet here he is holding his heart in his hand
He’s afraid of what his old man mighta passed along to him
But he swears he won’t be starting that cycle again

As he kisses little foreheads and sees his own kids sleep
He won’t forget the lessons from the man he’ll never be

Let Me Outta Here

Walls closing in
Ain’t got room to think
Everyone is on my case
Pushed me to the brink
Work that has no end
I can only do so much
No way to please everyone
But everyone’s a judge

Don’t trap me in here
Four walls and no air
I gotta break away
I’ll go anywhere
That I can breathe a little deeper
And my mind is clear
I need to see some big blue sky
Let me out of here

Deadlines coming faster
What do you expect
I am just one person
Last time that I checked
Racing with the clock
Still more to get done
That’s no way to live my life
I have had enough

Starting now I go at my own pace
I officially withdraw from this race
So much more to life that I’m meant to see
The only one I’ll answer to is me

Girls’ Drinkin’ Song

I sing songs that are happy, songs that are sad
Songs that will bring you to tears
But it’s almost five-thirty and I’m getting kinda thirsty
So I’d rather sing a song about beer

I’m a girl and I’m singing a drinking song
It’s not just the boys who have fun
It’s true that I like a cold one, too
So ladies, this one’s for you

Fancy wine tasting, stinky blue cheese
Acting like something I’m not
If I turn up missin’, just check in the kitchen
I’ll be helping myself to a shot

Bachelorette party, pink limousine
Sipping long island ice tea
Let’s ditch the umbrellas and drink like the fellas
‘cause, ladies, it’s a stiff one for me

jr live shot 7c