New Jamison Road songs being born today…

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Wow! What an adventure yesterday at the Knob Creek Gun Range in West Point, KY! The band got to play, a wedding took place at the range, we got to spend some time with our friend Steven Sumner, and then we got to go watch the world-famous machine...Read More »

When we were at the Kentucky Speedway, we had the honor of meeting Medal of Honor recipient Don Jenkins, who happens to be from the same county where Laurie grew up. (He actually lived near the “boss man who built a house on a hill” mentioned in Jamison...Read More »

Brent, deep in songwriting mode tonight…

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Jamison Road at a dinner with our winemaker friends, Greg and Marianne Graham… It was at their winery last year in California that we got the idea for our song, “Bourbon and Bibles.” We wrote the song and played it for a crowd for the first time ever...Read More »

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