At this very moment, somewhere in New Jersey, the Jamison Road debut CD is being replicated, the cover art is being printed, and the shrink wrap machine is warming up.  Brent, Laurie, and I feel like little kids waiting to open our birthday presents — the anticipation is almost unbearable!  If anyone had told us a year ago that we would have a CD almost ready to sell, I’m not sure if we would have believed them.  The unexpected twists and turns of life can sometimes be a beautiful thing…

All three of us have dreamed our whole lives about making music like this.  When we came together as a band in late 2010, we knew — in all seriousness — that somehow we were meant to play together.  We all believe in things happening for a reason.  The opportunity to play for our dear friends and loyal fans and the chance to make a CD in Nashville are things that we never expected but always secretly dreamed of.  Whether Jamison Road goes on to sell a million records, or whether we simply have the opportunity to share our music with friends and family, we are so happy and we are so grateful.  Thank you to all of you who give us your love and support, who help us load our gear into the truck after shows, who keep coming to see us play, and who buy our CD’s — you may never know how lucky we feel to have you.


PS — And in case you missed it, be sure to check out our Events page since we’ve added over a dozen new shows to the calendar in the past week !

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